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01 - Overview

Kings Valley Properties LTD is a Texas agency that sells land for residential areas. They approached us to revamp a market positioning and pricing analysis brochure for a 133 acre property on Lavon Lake.

02 - Challenge

Our challenge was to update and redesign a 29 page brochure to showcase the property and its potential. The client was planning on selling the property to home developers in hopes to create a lakeside community with a shopping center on the marina. We aimed to give the brochure a luxurious feel with clean graphs and maps. We wanted to provide more visuals in the packet for potential buyers, so we photographed the 133 acre property from above and at ground level so we could have updated photos for our design work.

03 - Services

  • GFX Design

  • Photography

04 - Team

  • Bailey Garner - GFX Design, Arial Photographer 

  • Kelsie Thorman - Photographer

  • Kamruddin Shams - Kings Valley Properties Stakeholder

KVP Brochure.png

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