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01 - Overview

Hampel Security Consulting is a company based in California dedicated to helping schools, individuals, and businesses with their safety strategies. From security systems to crisis training and fugitive recovery, Hampel Security Consulting provides assessments and plans of action to give their clients a secure peace of mind.

02 - Challenge

Our challenge was to create a basic website that clearly communicated different services the company had to offer. Founder and CEO, Vice Hampel, is a retired military member, private investigator, and crisis respondent. Because of his background, he wanted to offer a diverse set of services that could fulfill different security needs he came across during his past careers.

03 - Services

  • Web Design & Build

  • SEO Copywriting

04 - Team

  • Bailey Garner - GFX Design, Web Developer

  • Chris Garner - SEO Copywriter

  • Vince Hampel - Hampel Security Consulting Stakeholder


01 Vision_2x.png
02 Vision_2x.png


03 Wireframes_2x.png


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