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Josh Andrews Saddles

Informative Video Series • Promotional Video • Social Media Video


The objective of this project was to produce an informative video series for the launch of Josh Andrew’s new custom saddle line. The video series aimed to provide information for barrel racers interested in fit, design, and ordering.

Informative Video Impact On Facebook

The first informative video in the series received over 12.4K views on Facebook.

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Social Media Video Impact On TikTok

The social media video posted on TikTok during the launch of the saddle line received over 24.1K views.

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More Videos From Josh Andrews

Josh Andrews Saddles | Promotional Video | Redwood Soul Marketing
Josh Andrews Saddles | Part 2 | Saddle Fit & Mechanics
Josh Andrews Saddles | Part 3 | Customization, Pricing, and Ordering

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Bailey Garner

Videographer • Graphic Designer • Marketing Manager

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