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Bailey Garner

I am a videographer, graphic designer, and marketing manager specializing in the performance horse industry.

I’ve been a professional in marketing since 2019 and am currently serving performance horse trainers, solution providers, and event producers through my small business in Texas. 

In 2017, I completed college where I interned at Sammons Center for the Arts with US recording engineer, Micheal Vazquez, and graduated with an Associates Degree in audio engineering. From there, I began providing marketing services to small businesses and larger companies. For three years, I served as a marketing director for one of the oldest health IT companies in Dallas. 

In 2022, I began focusing on serving an industry I am truly passionate about. The performance horse industry has been apart of my life longer than marketing. In recent years, I’ve had the opportunity to genuinely help some of the top equine athletes, riders, and businesses with their digital marketing. This portfolio represents my work as a marketing professional while serving as the co founder of Redwood Soul. Thank you for the time spent reviewing my work.

Featured Work

Robbie Phillips Custom Saddlery Website Portfolio Redwood Soul Bailey Garner.png

Robbie Phillips Custom Saddlery

Complete Website Update

01 Josh Andrews.png

Josh Andrews Saddles

Informative Video Series • Promotional Video • Social Media Video

01 HES SO EPIC.png


Stallion Flyer • Stallion Logo

01 Odale Featured Work Thumb.png

Odale Comer Performance Horses

Training Promotional Video • Stallion Promotional Video • Social Media Videos

01 Lil Betty.png

Lil Betty Brand

Promotional Video • Social Media Video

Clients Served

01 Robbie Phillips Logo.png
05 B Smilin Logo.png
09 Odale Comer Logo.png
02 KT PEMF Logo.png
06 Eight Seconds Photography Logo.png
10 2Hearts Logo_2x.png
03 Lone Star Shootout Logo.png
11 Deanna's Oils Logo.png
04 Lil Betty Brand Logo.png
08 Hamil Performance Logo.png
12 Josh Andrews Saddles.png

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Bailey Garner

Videographer • Graphic Designer • Marketing Manager

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